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Join us at ACRE’s January Monthly Meeting as ACRE welcomes John Burley who will be speaking on


More Money, More Deals – In Pittsburgh


John Burley lives and breathes the concepts he teaches on a day-to-day basis. He has been an active real Estate Investor for over 35 years. Having completed more than 2000 real estate deals, the international bestselling author has the perfect mix of street-savvy knowledge and sound investing practices.


Here is a small taste of what John will be teaching

·         How to make even more Money in Today’s Rising Market

·         CASH FLOW – His absolute favorite of all – The key to Financial Freedom

·         Over Seventy-Five of the best places (sources) to find property in today’s market

·         The 12 steps to Acquiring Property so that you can make your profit when you ACQUIRE the property

·         12 Steps to Remarketing your property & Quickly Getting Money in your Pocket

·         The ONLY way to get Private Money Investors, Big and Small, including major Wall Street Companies

·         Subject 2, Mirror Wraps, Owner Financing, and Lease Options. Learn the right way to do them here in Pittsburgh.

·         New Hard hitting Regulations and How to handle them

·         No more “Theory” or “Concepts” – Factual Proven, How to “Meat and Potatoes” Content. Just what you need right now!


Enthusiasm is contagious….and John is the master Motivator!


John will share the following techniques and how you can do them and make them work for you!


1.      How to get paid $10,000 per deal UPFRONT, every time by a Private Money Partner

2.      The one big fatal flaw in real estate investing….and how to overcome it quickly and easily

3.      How to get the Best Deal in the Market every time.

4.      How to buy wholesale, today, in this market, right now.

5.      Why Private Money is Key to Real Estate Investing

6.      What Real Estate Investing is really all about. P.S. It is NOT houses, property, or real estate!




1.      Where do I get the money?


We have been using a Perfect Blend of Money; Private Money, Existing Financing, and Bank Financing which has made money problems simply go away. There is a lot of money (and I mean TONS of MONEY) available (if you know how and where to get it) to invest with, and we will definitely show you how we are doing it.


2.      What is the Easiest way to succeed?


Look this is really simple. The easiest way to succeed in anything is to find someone who is the best at what they do and then simply model and copy them. If iot already works (for John and his huge group of graduate) the it will work for you too. Just learn exactly what they are doing, and do the same thing. It really is the simplest and easiest way to succeed.


3.       Who should come?


More Money, More Deals is designed for All Levels of Real Estate Investors

New Investors – Looking to do their first deal (and more)

Intermediate Investors – who have been around for a while and done some deal, we will show you how to ram up your game

Advanced Investors – what would you be able to accomplish if money was not an issue, and you had access to all the deals you wanted?


John Burley is the best Real Estate Investor/Educator in the World

His Personal Success and the Success of his Students is the Proof.


Prior to the Main speaker at the monthly meeting we will have

Genius Mastermind Networking with Board Members starting at 5:30 in the Hotel Bar

Networking with Vendors,

Networking with other Members,

General Q and A with board members starting at 6:30

Properties For Sale

Landlord Update

Legal Update


And as always, First time Guests and children under 18 can attend the meeting for free


Register in advance at


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Event Location: Green Tree DoubleTree Hilton Hotel
Address: 500 Mansfield Avenue

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